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 About Us
The omnipresent and universally recognised small pieces of paper found everywhere in offices and homes, on computer screens, diaries, books, files, desks, walls, refrigerators, doors, laptops.
Stic On note pads are not just meant to remind us of any particular event or task but much more than that. When it comes to sticky notes, Stic On is a one stop solution for all your note pad needs. Choose from a wide variety of products including Printed Note Pads, Printed Pads with Soft Cover, Combi Gift Packs, Pop-Up Note Pads, Hard Cover Note Pads, Die-Cut Note Pads, Side Printed Cubes, Slopy Note Pads, Magic Cubes. Our entire product range is designed to deliver a professional writing experience during work. Try out this vibrant range of self stic note pads now !
Yes, “Stic On” is now everywhere / An ideal product for personal use.
Also an Ideal Gift for your clients/ customers to remind them of your products/ services/ messages/ campaigns etc.
Stic Ons are widely available and can be customised according to your specifications (your logo/ design/ message etc) printed on every sheet of sticky paper.
STIC ON for more information on our product range.